Minimal Theme

Our minimal theme is very to-the-point with as few pages as possible. The homepage features a row of top films (if you don't specify these your latest releases are automatically shown) and your contact information and newsletter subscription are front and center. A single “Now On” page shows all your films and sessions in one place.

Minimal website design temlpate

Arthouse Theme

This theme uses a dark background and puts a priority on the movie cast and synopsis which makes it more suitable for the arthouse audience. The Homepage features one three leading films and the Now Showing page shows the cast, synopsis and screening times of all your films in one place.

Arthouse website design temlpate

Blockbuster Theme

Perfect for most cinemas, our “blockbuster” theme has large posters on the homepage to browse all your current films, the movie detail page lets you switch to other films quickly and there’s an email signup prompt on every page. If you’re not sure which theme to go with, we’d suggest this one and we’ll customize it with your logo and color scheme.

Blockbuster website design temlpate

Custom Designs

If you want a site entirely purpose-built for your cinema from the ground up just let us know. The Movie Manager system can display your movie data in any format you like, we can even work with designs that you provide to us or import your existing website for no charge. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Minimal website design temlpate