Automatic Updates

Your sessions are automatically imported from your ticketing software and combined with our movie database giving you a hands-free yet up-to-the-minute site.


The Personal Touch

Our movie database is updated daily by our in-house curators to ensure your site is accurate and up to date. You also have the ability to alter any of the movie information, prioritize leading films with a single click, and edit any other page on the site.


Live Movie Database

Our movie database is updated daily with mainstream, arthouse and Bollywood titles. Most films have trailers which will play on your site with your own branding, as well as the synopsis, cast list, classification, duration, external links, and more.


Easy To Use

Your movie data can be displayed in various ways to help moviegoers find a film quickly. We can list your top films on the homepage, create a what’s on today/tomorrow page for quickly discovering what to see, what’s on all week for a grand overview, movies coming soon, and so on.


Mobile Sites

Put your session times into your moviegoers pockets with a mobile-optimized website. Mobile sites are simpler and faster to be streamlined for mobile devices. Movie trailers are also compatible with most mobile devices include iPhone and Android.


Express Templates

To get you started immediately, we have professionally designed templates as a starting point, which is customized with your branding and color scheme.

View our pre-designed templates.


Custom Designs

We have a full web design and development team who can create a custom website for you if needed. We can also work with your existing web developer or designer, or move your existing design over to our system.


Movie Comments

Let your customers get excited about your films by inviting them to comment on movies. Moviegoers don’t need to set up a new account, they just log in via Facebook. You have full control over removing inappropriate comments and you can reply/answer comments too.


Online Competitions

Keep moviegoers coming back to your site by scheduling a series of online competitions. These can be set up with a multiple-choice question about a film to build awareness of that title, entrants are prompted to join your email newsletter, winners are automatically drawn for you, and scheduling means you can queue up a year’s competitions in one go.


Cloud Based

There is no software to install, just log into this website at any time to edit your site and backups are handled for you. As we develop new features they are automatically available to you, no upgrades for you to install, no getting left behind.


Multiple Locations

Movie Manager is built with multi-location cinema chains in mind, when editing you can switch between locations with a single click. We can set you up with separate websites for each location, one site with all your locations, or a combination of both.


Everything You Need

All of our products include everything you need to run a cutting edge website including design, coding, hosting, a domain name and all your email accounts at no extra cost.


Detailed Statistics

We email you detailed reports each month so you can see how your site is performing, including comparisons to the previous month. You can also log into the site to view more detailed statistics, compare weeks / months / years, and much more.